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how to send 5 frame in fdcan protocol ?

i am able only send 3 frame but i want send 5frame ,what i am doing wrong ? if (HAL_FDCAN_Init(&hfdcan2) != HAL_OK) {Error_Handler();} FDCAN_FilterTypeDef sFilterConfig;  sFilterConfig.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID;  sFilterConfig.FilterIndex = 0;  sFil...

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Resolved! I would like to know about the 4 GPIO speed settings on the STM32H743BIt6. And is it possible to measure the system clock 400Mhz from the MCO2 pin output terminal?

​I am using STM32H743Bit6.#define GPIO_SPEED_FREQ_LOW     (0x00000000U) /*!< Low speed   */#define GPIO_SPEED_FREQ_MEDIUM   (0x00000001U) /*!< Medium speed */#define GPIO_SPEED_FREQ_HIGH    (0x00000002U) /*!< Fast speed  */#define GPIO_SPEED_FREQ_VER...

SHEHERHER by Associate II
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Anti tampering with STM32L4

I'm working on a project with an STM32L4 microcontroller and I need to implement an anti-tampering function to detect if the case has been opened using a switch. I know that the STM32L4 has an anti-tampering function on pin PA0, but I'm already using...

mgarc.1 by Associate II
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I am working on STM32F401RE, transmitting data via UART using DMA 1(channel 6) , also i want to receive data using DMA 1 (channel 5). I want to use the DMA in single byte transfers in direct mode. Can you help me how to do so correctly because i trie...

DJ1 by Associate III
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Resolved! ADC measurement error on STM32G030KxTx

I am developing a project to take some measurements with ADC channels, however the values are wrong. When I connect any ADC channel direct to GND, it gives me a value about 60~80 (The ADCs are 12-bit precision) and this error propagates for any readi...