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Resolved! STM32F722ZE SPI with DMA Reset question

I have a working, basic SPI transmit working with DMA. It transmits 20 characters in loopback mode and is working as it should. The GPIO Pins are set up correctly.SPI Configuration;void SPIInit() { RCC->APB2ENR |= RCC_APB2ENR_SPI1EN; // Master SP...

MHank.1 by Associate III
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dear support, when i use STLINK-UTILITY to change the option byte, it shows the error that "Read/Write protected zone for Bank 1 cant be reduced Please enter a correct value".

I want to change the boot0 configuration through stlink i set the option ​Bytes like the figure after connect to the board.but some error happened when i click the apply, like following does anybody know how the solve this problem, please ...

0693W00000aJqKyQAK.png 0693W00000aJqGJQA0.png
俊孙.1 by Associate
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what is the limitation for buffer size in SAI DMA?

I am working on the STM32F769 series microcontroller in my project. I am using SAI interface of the mcu. And of course I also use DMA of SAI interface . I adjusted the DMA(DMA2 Stream 1) as listed below in the application :DMA Request Settings : Mode...

STM32H743vit6 SAI DMA event generation bug

I've programmed SAI tx DMA to generate event to driving other DMA wich software triggering LPTIM.In the code SAI DMA generate intrrupt to change GPIO state and LPTIM outputs it's waveform on a pin with onepulse mode.It has the configuration of 4 bloc...


Resolved! My code is correct for push button ?

Thank you for helping and checking in advance:LED on and Off working well, without if codeI am using

CG3 by Associate III
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Keil external download algorithm programming failed

The MCU is NUCLEO-H7A3ZI-Q, and I used OSPI to drive w25q128. It is known that it can read and write normally. Then, I modified the sct file in Keil and completed the FLM file. Erase can proceed normally, but an error was reported when the Program re...

fzhan.3 by Associate
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STM32L431 strange current draw

I have made a small/simple circuit with an STM32L431, where I first made a prototype version on a breadboard and then had the same circuit manufactured on a custom PCB: The breadboard edition works exactly as expected. The PCB edition however is acti...

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bhkSAQAY.png _legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bhkS0QAI.png _legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bhkRqQAI.png
SKjær.1 by Associate II
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