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Resolved! EXTI not work as expected

 i am using NUCLEO-F410RB boardi followed the simple exti tutorial try to print "button pressed" to uart when the corresponding button is pressedlike most of the tutorial setting : interrupt rising edge . no pull up and pull down , one side of button...

Beam Forming sample for MIC ARRAY

I'm in the first steps of my project. Selected STM32F446ZE Nucleo board for developing MIC ARRAY application as 446ZE used in BLUE COIN and made my own same arranged mic array board. Now I found there is no Beam Forming sample for it!ST has a documen...

_behn4m by Associate II
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Running 2 uCs instead of 1

Hello,I'm building a device which will have a user control panel with knobs ( adc ), buttons, encoder knobs, and LEDs etc which will use up many pins.  The device will perform time sensitive output tasks such as DAC and PWM based on user input.I'm th...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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Documentation for stm32-wm8994?

Hi all,I can't seem to find documentation for stm32-wm8994.  I want to use it with STM32F746-Disco board. The BSP project for this board doesn't seem to use this version. I'm using the cubeIDE.Thanks

Rodo by Senior
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USBD_ColorMatchingDescTypeDef for monochrome camera

Hello,Does anyone know the values of the following variables (in the struct USBD_ColorMatchingDescTypeDef) for a monochrome camera?uint8_t bDescriptorSubType;uint8_t bColorPrimarie;uint8_t bTransferCharacteristics;uint8_t bMatrixCoefficients;Best reg...

mcBe by Associate
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Peripheral reset timings

Hello,I have a question regarding the peripheral reset registers.For the G070 device, in the RM0454, section 5.2.16, it is specified that the clock enable of a peripheral takes 2 cycles to prevent glitches. Fine.However, how do you experts use the re...

Kraal by Senior III
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