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Resolved! Environmental Impact of manufacturing STM32

Hello everyone,  I have a bunch of questions concerning the environmental impact of manufacturing a STM32  I'd like to see the impact according to as many criteria as possible from the following:  Contribution to the greenhouse effect Particulate mat...

Chall24 by Associate II
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Resolved! Connecting Arduino Portenta H7 to PDM microphone

Hello everyone,I am new to hardware programming so please excuse my basic question. Can someone please point me to the right resource to obtain data from an external pdm microphone (

yshetty by Associate II
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Resolved! How to send an e-mail with SMS module?

Hello,   I work with a STM32L031K6TxLQFP32. I can already send a SMS by connecting a SIM card.  Can someone tell if I can control a SIM card, so I can send and received an Email or, if it doesen't work, because of what value it would fail?Thanks in a...

Der_Rote by Associate
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Encoder problems STM32H743ZI2

Hello,I have a problem using the LL_TIM_ENCODERMODE_X4_TI12 on a nucleo_H743ZI2 development board. I directly read the counter register (TIM2->CNT for example ) to obtain the encoder value. I do however notice that even though the encoder is not rota...

Extracting rssi from scanned packet.

Hi,I need to get the RSSI of scanned BLE packet. So I'm using le_advertising_event .I found some one used the following code for that purpose.rssi1 = le_advertising_event->Advertising_Report[0].RSSI;but in the struct they mentioned that /* WARNING: b...

Kryptons by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC configuration of outpot ALRM

Hello st community,I work on stm32h7, and I use with RTC output alarmA, when the MCU power supple turned off, and RTC work with VBATT to wakeup some component with this signal, but this component needs any pules to wakeup and not woke up with first e...

dToub.1 by Associate
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