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Resolved! Problem with Pin A11 on STM32U595VJ

Hello,I've migrated an application from STM32L496VG to STM32U595VJ.Pin A11 is used as capture input TIM1_CH4.With U5 device the input on PA11 couldn't reach full level at 3.3V. I have the same behavior with 5 MCUs STM32U595VJT6 and PA11 is connected ...

STM32U595VJT6_PA11_NIO.png STM32U595VJT6_PA10_IO.png
SStor by Senior
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Ux_Device_HID for STM32U575ZI

Hello,I wonder if it exists an Ux_Device_HID example project for STM32U585ZITxQ mcu or the way to convert the Ux_Device_HID project for STM32U585AIIXQ present in the examples for a different packaged mcu. Best regardsIlaria

Ilaria by Associate
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Resolved! NUCLEO-F412ZG CAN Communication, No RX and No tx

I am using CAN1 pins to Connect to the driver board (SN65HVD230).      All Voltages are good. I am using 2 PCAN dongles with 120 Ohm terminations at both ends of the BUS with the Nucleo CAN shown above in the middle of the bus.  I ported the code f...

JDOG_3-1712698313675.png 0405241626~2.jpg JDOG_0-1712696721291.png JDOG_1-1712698012460.png
JDOG by Associate III
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TCS peripheral

Hello,I have custom board with STM32F301R8T6 and connected 4 channel slider sensor. I want to copy an example present in STM32CubeIde called TouchSensing_Linear. There in the configuration files such as tls_user.c, tls_user.h are includes for tls.h a...

STM32H74 ECC Errors

Hi,Some doubts on the ECC functionality on STm32h74x.How can we know if the data can be corrected for cases DEDF and DEBWDF ? I always see the DEDF and SEDF fields set in my case. This bits are set when the control is hit the main(), and then I clear...

andy_long_0-1712312892764.png andy_long_0-1712315036609.png andy_long_1-1712315066857.png
andy_long by Associate III
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Resolved! Package data register wrong code

Hello,I am using a STM32G491 in LQFP48 package. In the RM0440 rev8 page 2122 the package code for LQFP48 is 01011. But I read 01001 which would be LQFP32. The device id 0x479 is correct. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.

Resolved! EEPROM emulation firmware library

I'm working with a legacy project that uses some EEPROM emulation code on a STM32F103 MCU. I need to find the original release file containing eeprom.c and eeprom.h of that emulation code. The description of the header file looks like this:  /*******...