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Resolved! STM32F767 QSPI Slave

Hi, I have the following questions about QSPI in STM32F767:1.  Is it possible to configure the board as QSPI Slave? I could not find any option in the CubeMX Tool to choose between master and slave. 2. Is the QSPI peripheral of this board strictly li...

Resolved! STM32H5 transmit/receive raw IEEE 802.3 ethernet frames

Hi,Thanks in advance for your attention.I'm wondering if any examples are available about transmit and receive raw ethernet frames.The examples in STM32CubeH5 use the TCP/IP stack NetXDuo and transmit packets built on the upper layers of the stack an...

LU by Associate
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SPI Receive

Hi, I am working on SPI to communicate with the AD9959 from analog device, I'm analyzing the MOSI and MISO signal with probes on an oscilloscope and can see that  I can successfully write and read from the device, the thing is that HAL_SPI_Receive() ...

Vueko by Associate III
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Setting the F407 FSMC WaitSignalPolarity default value

Hi All,I have a 407 connected to an FPGA using the FSMC interface.When I compile my device configuration from ST Cube, the WaitSignalPolarity value in the MX_FSMC_Init routine is always set to: FSMC_WAIT_SIGNAL_POLARITY_LOW. On my system I need this ...

Toneski by Associate II
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Resolved! Can only transmit one SPI byte?

Hello,I am trying to use SPI1 on the STM32H742VITx.I believe I have configured SPI1 I/Os and CR/CFGR fields correctly.  However, when I try to transmit bytes via SPI I am able to transmit one byte, but after that the SPI_SR_TXC bit remains at 0.  Her...

briankaz by Associate III
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To write I2C functions using interrupts and DMA

Bonjour, Pouvez-vous me dire pourquoi cette façon d'écrire lors d'une transmission I2c par interruption ou DMA ne fonctionne pas :EN: Hello, Can you tell me why this way of writing during an I2c transmission by interrupt or DMA does not work? annul...

Rom by Associate
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Resolved! FreeRTOS with a non FreeRTOS app

This question is not very specific. It is quite open ended and is probably best posed to those at FreeRTOS support but I will ask here first as your support is excellent.Having spent months developing a Project that is optimized to the best of my abi...