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Migrating from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6

Hello,I'm planning to migrate from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6 MCU and as per CubeMX, all the pins and power scheme matches. But I see there is Vcap on pin 22 of F412 MCU. Is it okay to skip it with below setup? Adding this cap will need redesign and we wan...



Hello everyone I am trying to receive file form UART through Xmodem protocol I am getting file in debug mode but unable to get into run mode it showing  UART Rx busy basically hanging over these function while (!(HAL_UART_GetState(&huart4) == HAL_UAR...

PESHWA by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H750 FMC + LCD

I’m having some trouble related to using the FMC to interface with a LCD. We are using NE1 as chip select, LCD register select is A0, 16 bits of data.  When I’m scoping the signals, I’m seeing the A0 go high during 16 bit writes to 0x60000000 (comman...

SMoon.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! AES v SAES

Hello,The STM32U585 Reference Manual say these chips have one AES and one SAES peripheral. In turn each of these have an "AES core algorithm (AEA)" component. I expect that to mean that there are two physically independent AEA's on the chip. Is that ...

EC.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to recover continuous data with DMA ?

Hello,I have a program that works in DMA but I would like to put a function to know when the transfer in the DMA is finished so that I can recover the data continuously. Do you have any information on this ? Here is part of my code  HAL_SAI_Register...

DYann.1 by Senior
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STM32 DFU protocol DFU_UPLOAD problem

Hello,I am trying to implement the DFU protocol in an Android app. I am following AN3156.I am using UsbDeviceConnection class for the control transfer in android. I am able to write to the memory to any address using the routines described in AN3156 ...

LLope.31 by Associate III
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Resolved! ADC output ranging about 2000 up to 4095

I'm running an STM32L452RCTX uC, and I'm trying to implement a 2.5Vref+ ADC.Things weren't looking quite right on the pins I intend to implement, so for now I'm driving a floating TP with a power supply so I can directly test input vs output.When dri...

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APTT by Associate II
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Hii,Can someone please help me out in configuring QSPI in DTR mode to read and write data to the external QSPI memory. What all configurations are required to change to switch from STR to DTR? I am using STM32F469xx MCU with MT25QL128ABA NOR Flash in...