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Hello,  I am trying to install FileX + LevelX in an stm32h7 microcontroller using a nor custom driver. I do have in my hardware an AT45DB641 NOR memory. I am working it as an stand alone and also with fault tolerant enable. My flash chip does have 40...

urbito by Associate III
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USB-C Power Delivery Sniffer with Nucleo-L152RE

Hello, Is there an option to use with Nucleo-L152RE as Power Delivery CC line sniffer and decoder?As far as I know to allow to sniffer cc line protocol it should have the ability to use Manchester decoder.Thanks,

RNYL by Associate
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Resolved! DMA RX complete interrupt sometimes not called in STM32L4

Hi everyone, I've done these steps before on STM32F0, STM32F1 and STM32F4 microcontrollers to detect when a circular DMA buffer for UART "wraps" (The counter finishes with the array and starts from the beginning again) with complete successActivated ...

IJoe.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Timer update generation delay

Hello,I am verifying timer functionality on an STM32F303K8 Nucleo development board. After generating an update event, the counter register does not update immediately - in downcounting mode, it takes several nops for the counter to read the same as ...

bsakas by Associate II
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How to dynamically reassign the pin?

Originally, I configured PB6 to work with OneWire using DMA! However, after some time, I need to use the same pin for operating an LED!Below are the steps to reset the pin settings to default.1. Stopping all processes associated with using DMA on pin...

DK.7 by Senior
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Differences between Revisions of STM32F205

Hello,There are 8 revisions of the STM32F205: 'Y', 'X', '1', 'V', '2', '3', '4' and '5'.The silicon errata shows the status of support for all revisions, with no mention of individual revisions.Does this mean that all revisions are the same?Is it cor...

YYama.4 by Associate
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