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I'm migrating from an F4. So this is all new to me. Need help getting started. I currently have: A primary bootloader. It checks the application flash for a stored signature every bootAn application flash. It's up to 896KB.2MB Flash, two banks for fl...
I saw that at least some H7 parts do. The H5 core is newer.However, I could find nothing in the reference manual or datasheets. 
I had a passing thought. I have two pins that I can connect to a PC in my enclosure. I'd like to use USB OR USART. I'd like the PC to select.My idea was to tie the pins together and let the bootloader's selection process pick the correct one on the c...
STM32H5x3 / VQFN68 packageHas USART3 but AN2606 lists using PD8/PD9 that this package does not have.AN2606 has a lot of remapping mentions for specific packages. Is this one of them, or does USART3 and bootloader not work for this package?
 Pages 249 and 254Also, the flowchart on 254 does not show USART anywhere. 
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