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Using SPI to interface to TI ADC & DAC

hi, i m a student learning STM32 for the first time, my project now is to interface stm32h7 using SPI to TI ADC TLV1570 and DAC TLV5608. Anyone has tutorial and any reading material on this to share? thanks in advance. 

Can i manage this device from windows 10?

Hi i have this device can give me some info about how to access it from windows 10?thanks very much in advance.

ptt by Associate II
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STM32L496GT6 battery voltage monitoring

I want to monitor battery voltage (Vbat). I use the adc function to monitor voltage on the Vbat pin, and it can't read the voltage. When I use the same function on other pins, it can read correctly. For Vbat monitoring, what are the specific configur...

JThas.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Lan8742 Hardfault

Stats:STM32CubeIDEVersion: 1.13.2Build: 18220_20230914_1601 (UTC) Windows 10 Enterprise I have a project using STM32H743 and Azure RTOS, ThreadX, NetX, and FileX.In the NetX portion during initialization of the netx thread, the code performs initiati...

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GreenGuy by Senior III
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Resolved! Using more of RAM over ROM is better or not

Hi, I have been using PWM with DMA in one project with register-level programming, there i could find the RAM usage was around 28% and the ROM usage was hardly 0.5%. The similar application project when i tried with using HAL API's, I found the RAM u...

DJ1 by Associate III
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How to calibrate RTC on STM32F411CEU6

Hello everyone! I have stm32f411ceu6 dev board, and I decided to use RTC. But it's going slower than time on reference clock. I use 32768 oscillator, which is soldered on the board. Can I calibrate this thing? 

Resolved! STM32H7 SPI chip select intermittently delayed

I’m working on a project that uses an STM32H745IIK6. Occasionally, 32-bit SPI read data was invalid. This happened in about one out of every two hundred reads. To track down the cause, I added a few lines of code to toggle a GPIO pin as a scope trigg...

STM32H7 SPI cs delay 231002b.png
AMacI.1 by Associate II
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