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Resolved! where is address of usart interrupts?

I want to know when USART interrupts, such as the completion of data reception, occur, to which address does the processor refer? I searched the manual reference but couldn't find this address. The addresses for all interrupts are in the Nested Vecto...

stm32g030k8 ADC

Hi I am working on multichannel ADC ,if its a single conversion I am getting correct values but when it is more than 1 i am getting same conversion values from all channels. void Adc_Vbat(void) { ADC_ChannelConfTypeDef sConfig = {0}; sConfig.Cha...

meena by Associate III
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stm32 as a SPI slave data transmit error

hi there, I want to communicate between two Stm32 using SPI, when i transmit date from master to slave, it received(using received interrupt). but when want to transmit date from slave side it gives HAL_error,master side code while (1) { for(int...

ykn by Senior
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About filter behavior in case of ID list and 16bit scale

HiI would like to know about filter behavior in ID list mode and 16bit scale.I would like to receive 3 standard IDs.I know that with the combination of ID list and 16bit scale, I can receive 4 standard IDs. In this case, one will remain when setting ...

Ukazu by Associate III
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RM0481 says: (I am using STM32H563)USB_ISTR.IDN is the endpoint (or channel in host mode) identification number that generated the interrupt request, and if there are more than one endpoint requesting an interrupt, the lowest (CHEP0R) has a higher pr...

mete by Senior
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can protocol error

This is a question I posted on Reddit a long time ago, but it hasn't been solved yet, so I'm asking here.I solved the dlc value in the notepad picture.And there was an error even though I connected the rs pin afterwards.I want to know the solution to...

jha g.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H573VI ETH_TXD1 and ETH_TX_EN pins

Hi,When using the STM32CubeMX to configure the ethernet pins for the STM32H573VI, the TXD1 and TX_EN pins can be configured to the PB13 and PB14 pins. But the STM32CubeMX does not allow these pins to be configured for ethernet for the STM32H563VI. In...

Asantos by Senior
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DISABLE/ENABLE EXTI interrupts using hal

Posted on November 10, 2015 at 15:39Hi, I need to disable a EXTI interrupt and then enabling it again later. How can I do that using the hal implementation? I am working on STM32F070.

seed by Associate III
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Resolved! stm32f103c8 classB

hello, I am applying the safety library provided by st company to stm32f103c8.In the example provided, the capture function of TIM5 is connected to the LSI oscillator, but the MCU (stm32f103c8) I use does not seem to be able to connect to the LSI osc...

jihoon by Associate II
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