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Resolved! HAL_UART_Transmit USART_CR1_RE error

Hello everyone,I'm configuring a STM32L0 core board to connect to a module using AT commandAll the commands work fine but when I get to a given command (AT+MSG="123456"\r\n), they work only the first time and the second time it only sends ATfor examp...

husq by Associate
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Resolved! HAL_StatusTypeDef function

Hi, i come across a H7 code that use HAL_StatusTypeDef , could anyone kindly advise what does the HAL_StatusTypeDef do, whats HAL_OK means? what does ret != HAL_OK mean? and what does return HAL_OK means?HAL_StatusTypeDef spi_write(reg, *pData){  HAL...

Resolved! NMI Fault While Debugging (STM32G474 nucleo board)

Hello,I keep getting an NMI fault when I attempt to read a variable with gdb (either with a mouseover on a variable in STM32CubeIDE or the print [var] command in gdb). I'm not seeing anything useful when I view the microprocessor registers after the ...

toofer25 by Associate
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Getting inaccurate value of ADC of STM32F030R8T6

Hello,I am working on STM32F030R8T6 with HAL.We are trying to read ADC values from the 4 ADC channels and 5th channel as VREFINT.The ADC is configured in continuous DMA read by using:HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc, (uint32_t *)ADC_Buffer, 5);Our AVDD = 3.3 ...

Resolved! DMA request generation on STM32H7

Hi!I am looking into the possibility on using LPTIM1 to trigger a DMA transfer with no CPU interrupt. This timer is chosen because it can be clocked directly by the HSE clock input. In the datasheet of STM32H7B3 (DS13139 - Rev table 4, it states tha...

HansPLJ by Associate II
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Resolved! NUCLEO HSE from ST-LINK MCO is never ready

Newbie here!Setup:STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1Brand new NUCLEO-L476RG with MCO from ST_LINK MCU, no mods to the boardNew STM32 project using CubeMX 6.6.1, default mode for peripherals usedSystem Core -> RCC -> HSE = BYPASS Clock SourceClock configuration show...

gb2835_0-1707053291484.png gb2835_1-1707053460802.png
gb2835 by Associate
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