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Resolved! ADC1283: can AVCC be lower than DVCC?

Hello,I want to make a design with the ADC1283 where DVCC is powered by a 5V buck converter, and AVCC is powered off a 4.5V voltage regulator (that's powered off the buck converter). Is this possible?I can't tell whether DVCC and AVCC are allowed to ...

PSchi.5 by Associate
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STM32L5 or STM32U5 HID act as mouse

Hello all, I have stm32L5 and stm32U5 board and I need to act one of then as mouse but I couldn't . so could you help me to do this or send example code because I search but I don't find any example  best regards. 

rsoli.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! TSC not working STM32F042

Hello everybody, I designed a touch sensor whith the STM32F042 MCU but after a week of constant testing and experimenting still not working. First the problem was that the TSC always get in the too much count error, after I thought that maybe the cap...

Resolved! Pin toggling speed on STM32G031

The MCU is STM32G031J6 on a STM32G0316-DISCO board.The maximum software pin toggling speed I am able to achieve is about 0.7 us.It looks a bit slow for a M0+ running at 48 mhz.Looking at listing file, there is no library overhead (I am using LL).Can ...

cp19 by Associate II
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Resolved! Generate single pulses based on capture event

Hello In my project I want to use timer4 of STM32G474RET6 MCU. I want to generate single pulses with programmable width on CH2-CH4. These output pulses from MCU should be with programmable delay from input pulse connected to CH1. Pulses on CH2-CH4 sh...

AlexHalf by Associate III
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Resolved! Difficulty getting 16MHz HSE started

Hi all,I am testing a new dev board I designed to use a 16MHz crystal for the HSE. Been scouring the forums for a few days trying to find potential flaws in my design and/or solutions to no avail.The MCU in question I am working with is the STM32F407...

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