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Hello,I'm facing a strange issue with the quadspi peripheral.I'm using it to interface with a W25q256jveiq, a quad spi enabled flash chip from Winbond.As long as I use one line SPI or dual I/O mode all works fine.I can access the flash chip with no i...

zeboss49 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U595ZJT6Q USB not initializing

I'm trying to work with USB on STM32U595ZJT6Q (with SMPS)Ref Clock Selection under USB_OTG_HS is set to 16MHzOTS HS Clock Mux is set to HSE (the board has 16MHz crystal)CubeMX 6.11STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.5.0The code is stuck in USB_CoreReset, more specifi...

SYako by Associate III
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Canbus callback not working on stm32f429

Hi amazing community.    I am working with stm32f429 and cube ide.  This is my configuration for the project          /** * @brief CAN1 Initialization Function * None * @retval None */ static void MX_CAN1_Init(void) { /* USER CODE BEGIN ...

SGasp1_0-1712731213125.png SGasp1_1-1712731235661.png SGasp1_2-1712731325207.png
SGasp.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32F411 USART2 not working

Hello, I am having trouble getting USART2 to work on my custom STM32F411 discovery board. I have written initialization code for USART2 but I am not seeing any output in my terminal program (minicom). Here are the key parts of my code: void usart_ini...

teosssss by Associate II
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pow function cause hardfault in bootloader

hi every one so i got a problem with bootloader in stm32 when i switch from bootloader to application everything is fine but at the middle of the user application at one function i face with hardfault. this is my initialization at main function:/* US...

Remote access to ST-Link server

Hi I have recollections from a while ago, that it is possible to have an ST Link connected to one PC, and connect to it via ST Link server from another PC via a network. I have spent alot of time searching trying to find some information on this but ...

AJE by Associate II
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