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STM32G474 FDCAN BitTiming Register values?

Associate II

Hello All,

I got Classic CAN running on the FDCAN3 module of STM32G474CE device using MXCube and other example projects for STM32G474 devices.

Problem is, all these example codes have a fixed baud rate of 1Mbps. My application requires thebaud rate be configurable. Until now, I have not been able to find any table / calculator on the internet that could calculate the bit timing register values for me, based on kernel clock and required baud rate etc... Does anyone here have any clue on this?

Bouraoui Chemli
ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ 

You can refer to section "44 FD controller area network (FDCAN)" of STM32G4 reference manual with focus on section "44.3.1 Bit timing".


Associate III

You are a beast. This calculator is amazing!!