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STM32H573I-DK_aws_ri_tz certificate

I'm working with the stm32h573i-dk kit and I need a connection to AWS. I performed the step-by-step procedure as described in the webinar, however, I got stuck at the end, wher...

ffjunq by Associate II
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STM32H563 LSE does not always start

I am using an stm32h563 nucleo 144 board, and I am frequently running into the issue that after a power cycle the LSE does not start.This is the relevant part of my SystemClock_Config: LL_PWR_EnableBkUpAccess();while (LL_PWR_IsEnabledBkUpAccess () ==...

PieterG by Associate II
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Resolved! Debugging STM32H573I-DK_aws_ri_tz example

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.I'm starting a new project using the STM32H573I-DK kit, where I would have to connect to AWS and publish the value of some sensors. The first step was following the webinar

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ffjunq by Associate II
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Hi all!I'm currently programming a pulser and have to write a list of registers. I prepared the communication on SPI (which works), only to realise the pulser can only be programmed over QSPI.Now I'm having some issues switching my code from SPI to Q...

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Resolved! SPI by hand/prerequisites for SPI

Hi,I've been trying to adapt the current SPI driver in RIOT OS to support the U5 series(STM32U585AI), due to my lack of success I've been trying to sidestep RIOT for a moment and try to do must of the setup manually. But so far I have not been able t...

mdr by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G031C6 problems during production programming

Dear all,In the last weeks we have started the production process of a specific equipment, using the new microcontroller STM32G031C6 and unfortunettly we have faced some problems after the programming process.The problem is that some devices were app...

TFBorth by Associate II
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ERR when external SDRAM & NandFlash with FMC

Hi there,I have a touchGFX project with STM32F429BI, which uses the external SDRAM for the buffer, and the Nand Flash for the image.Both SDRAM and Nand Flash work well when turning off the other.But when I enable LTDC, the Nand Flash always gives an ...

Junde by Senior
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Resolved! Pullup does not work when setting up for timer input capture

I have timer 3, that i want to set up for input capture. But when enabling the alternate function. The pullup is not working. Also an external pullup of 10K does not work. GPIO setup:    // TIM 3 Inputs (Pedal rot - PB5 / Torc PWM - PB1) my_GPIO_Ini...

Tobe by Senior III
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STM32H5 support for MX25L6433F

Hello Everyone,Is there any plan for ST to provide support drivers for the MX25L6433F serial NOR flash on the STM32H5 series of micros?MX25L6433F is the flash used on the X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2.Thanks.