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RTC smooth calibration and verification?

Hi,I m using the smooth calibrationtim1 is using an external clock 1Hz from signal generator and channel 1 is working in output compare mode generating interrupt every 32 seconds, tim2 is using LSE and channel 1 is in input capture mode.When the inte...

suads by Associate III
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STM32F4 Gated Timer with TIM2_CH3

I want to count the 'high time' of a signal on TIM2_CH3. I simply want to count up TIM2 by using internal clock, but gating it with TIM2_CH3. I don't care about interrupts; I only want to use the counter value to access how much 'activity' has occurr...

SS13 by Associate II
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one Timer PWM, 2 LEDs

Hey thereI want to use one and only one Timer to generate PWM signal to control 2 LED lights. assume that PWM generated is only attached to one the LEDs. how can I make both of LEDs shine or dim with only one PWM?thanks in advance for any help and hi...

Ala by Senior
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QSPI flash not read in S25FL512 with STMH743

hi, i want read read and write data from external QSPI flash S25FL512.i posted code from below st link QSPI_READ and QSPI_write function exec...

ykn by Senior
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