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Hello, I have a short circuit between the RESET and the VCC. I measure a impedance of 1ohm between these two signals and 80ohm with the GND. The RESET pin only goes on a 0.1UF capacitor and on the programming connector.

the ST-LINK can't detect the micro but the software who is already programmed in the micro work perfectly.Does anyone have an explanation why the reset breaks like this?

Resolved! DC Relay Heat when it's closed bypass suggestions

Hello everyone,I'm working on a projects that countains a stm32l152re to communicate with temperature/Humidity sensor amongst other sensors and a DC relay to control some light bulps. However, when the relay is closed, it overheat and corrupt the me...

Resolved! QSPI of STM32L496A

Hi I have interfaced STM32L4 qspi with Winbond(W25N01GV). I am using HAL api's. The problem is erase/write to a page(2KB) address(say 0x0) repeats to the page after 512 KB(Say 0x80000) and so on. This is a 128 MiB NAND flash and erase command(D8h) o...

Vsv.1 by Associate II
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32F417 SPI running at half the speed it should

Hello,I am using a chopped-down function from the Cube HAL code to talk to a serial FLASH. The original function has a mass of options which were checked at runtime - the usual thing for HAL code...It's all working fine. SPI2, 21MHz (the fastest I ca...

PHolt.1 by Senior II
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How to develop a product?

How to develop an Embedded System around STM32 MCU from scratch efficiently on the first attempt? For Eg. Developing a system with ADC, CAN, RS232, SPI, I2C, UART around an ST Controller efficiently? Developing a system according to the product requi...

sanket47 by Associate II
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