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Resolved! __weak requirement on stm32f4xx_hal_pcd.h functions

I have default setup under linux with CubeIDE 1.7.0 and for overriding, i had to modify as __weak void HAL_PCD_ConnectCallback(PCD_HandleTypeDef *hpcd);__weak void HAL_PCD_DisconnectCallback(PCD_HandleTypeDef *hpcd);oh header definitions. Otherwise i...

MKanc.1 by Associate III
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HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Rising_Callback or EXTI0_1_IRQHandler

Hi, is there a reason to implement the HAL function over simply running code inside the IRQ handler.In my current case I only am incrementing a counter and do not need to demux the line, so I presume not this time, but if I was doing something more i...

OHaza.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! What is the cause a DMA transfer error?

I am trying to read from an external SPI ADC at a 1MHz rate using a timer and 4 dma channels.I setup TIM 3 to run at 16 MHz and rollover at a count of 24.CC1 pulse is 1, cc2 pulse is 2 cc3 pulse is 22. CC1 drives DMA1 stream4 which is setup to trans...

LHarm.1 by Associate III
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STM32L462 Can not start DMA transfer via SPI.

Enabled DMA2_CLKSPI3_CLKset DMA2_CSELR = 0x00000033;GPIO is set up correctly and has clk enabledCMAR1 CMAR2 CPAR1 CPAR2 sSetup interrupts for DMAe Channel 1 and 2 and their prioritiessetup spi3 cr1 cr2DMA2_CNDTR2 DMA2_CNDTR1RESET Ints with DMA2_IFCRF...

MDrak.1 by Associate II
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SDMMC SD Card read error

Hello.I implement the SD Card access using the SDMMC1 on the NUCLEO-H743ZI board + SD Card sub board.Now the SDMMC1 Interrupt was not occurred after the DMA request setting and SDMMC interrupt enable(DCRC, TIMEOUT, RXOVERR, DATAEND) for reading the M...

AKim.15 by Associate II
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Hello, I have a short circuit between the RESET and the VCC. I measure a impedance of 1ohm between these two signals and 80ohm with the GND. The RESET pin only goes on a 0.1UF capacitor and on the programming connector.

the ST-LINK can't detect the micro but the software who is already programmed in the micro work perfectly.Does anyone have an explanation why the reset breaks like this?

Resolved! DC Relay Heat when it's closed bypass suggestions

Hello everyone,I'm working on a projects that countains a stm32l152re to communicate with temperature/Humidity sensor amongst other sensors and a DC relay to control some light bulps. However, when the relay is closed, it overheat and corrupt the me...