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Resolved! STM32H7B3 OctoSPI Flash. Octal_Polling_WEL() has a problem

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting a question.I use the MX25UM51245G OctoSPI Flash memory of the STM32H7B3LI Discovery Board. Use stm32cubeIDE. I have referred to STM32L4 Octo-SPI Application note and STM32H7 Octo-SPI Application note.But I s...

LLily.2 by Associate II
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removing chip cause unexplainable artifact.

I have a st chip (HT35) with the STM32H735G-DK Discovery Kit. Projects was complete and running fine. We then had to remove the OCTO SPI nor flash chip because we need access to Pe2. but after removing the chip the app froze after MX_TIM4_Init(). The...

ulao by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32U5 and Hyper ram

Hi,​After I configure hospi1->Init.MemoryType = HAL_OSPI_MEMTYPE_HYPERBUS;​If I still want to send a command using CA[47:0] (or DQ[7:0]) and read back data such as device ID, how should I approach this? Is there an example code I can refer to?I am wo...

dchen by Associate II
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Resolved! OctoSPI command to read single byte

Is there an OctoSPI sCommand configuration which will generate only 8 clock cycles and read the result from MISO via HAL_OSPI_Receive?I'm attempting to use Macronix code (MX25l2565G flash) tied to a single SPI bus channel via OctoSPI. That code uses ...

TLavi.1 by Associate
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Resolved! OctoSpi in QuadSpi mode

​Hello,​I am trying to access an external flash memory (32 mbit) using stm32L4. Stm32L4 has OctoSpi. i have configured the OctoSpi with dual quad disabled but yet, i am not able to access the external flash mem. The external flash memory supports sin...

hp26 by Associate II
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HAL_OSPI_Transmit_DMA not working for NbData > 0xFFFF .

Step to reproduce :In cubeMX:Select NucleoU575ZI.Clean all pinSet OCTOSPI to QSPI (see code below)Configure GPDMA (see code below)/* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /** ****************************************************************************** * @f...

Bertha by Associate III
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RTC not working correctly with octoSPI(stm32h723)

Hello everybody.I want to ask a question about a project. In my project, when octoSPI and RTC work together, an error occurs (counting incorrectly) in RTC's counting and it starts to count slower, but when I turn off octoSPI, RTC starts counting corr...

Mtopa.1 by Associate II
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