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Resolved! STM32H563VI Octo-SPI interface dummy cycles

Hi,someone can explain me how to calculate the "dummy cycles" number reading an external flash qspi such as the Winbond W25Q64JV ?I have to read in qspi mode with the Fast Read Quad I/O (EBh) command in SDR mode. The flash memory datasheet asks for 4...

Ez by Associate II
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Resolved! MemoryMapped for w25q256 Octo SPI for Touchgfx

Hi, I used to work with a stm32h743 that had a QSPI, but now I work with a stm32h723zgt6 that has a OSPI. I don't know if I should continue with the MX_OCTOSPI1_Init function to use it for Memory Mapped for w25q256 program I wrote for Touch GFX.To us...

mbagh.1 by Senior
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STM32H723 MDAM not getting OCTOSPI1 request

Hi,I'm trying to use MDMA to send some data over OCTOSPI1 in indirect mode but so far I haven't been successful. Here is my OCTOSPI1 initialization code:// ---- OCTOSPI1 peripheral ----RCC->AHB3ENR |= RCC_AHB3ENR_OSPI1EN;OCTOSPI1->DCR1 = 0x0000;OCTOS...

Visques by Associate II
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How to interface an external ADC for highest speed?

Hello, I am planning to use the STM32H7A3ZI for a personal project and want to achieve the highest speed possible with an external ADC while storing at least 16 million samples in an external memory. In the tenths or hundreds of MSPS range, ADCs tend... by Associate
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