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Using STM32H743IGKx.Tools: LinuxSTM32CubeIDEVersion: 1.12.1Build: 16088_20230420_1057 (UTC)STMCubeMXVersion: 6.8.1-RC4Build: 20230419-1431 (UTC)When setting up the SDRAM configuration in MX, I end up with a couple of signals that look like they are n...

GreenGuy by Senior III
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stm32h7 fmc lcd 8 bit setup

I've been trying to run the fmc and lcd over an 8-bit data line for a few days. Yesterday I managed to read the ids of the lcd correctly, but because I messed up the timing settings of the fmc (timing settings were working randomly), I can't get any ...

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Programming FSMC NAND Flash using STM32H7

Hi!We have developed a product based on the STM32H7 microcontroller. In it, we use NAND Flash memory connected via FMC. We are approaching the point of mass production and are looking at how to program this memory in production.So far, we have arrive...

ypiotrp by Associate III
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STM32 Nand flash FTL

Hi, everyone.Recently, I want to write the stm32 FTL (Flash Translation Layer) algorithm of NAND flash, but I can’t find any sample code about the FTL algorithm on the Internet. I would like to ask if you have any recommended documents or information...

LLily.2 by Associate II
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Receive into external RAM via DMCI

uC: STM32H725AEIToolchain / IDE: STM32CubeIDECubeMX version: 6.8.0I'm using CubeMX for code generation with HAL drivers.I'm currenty receiving a JPEG from a camera via DCMI with 640x480.I'd like to step up the game to 1280x960, but the picture would ...

Resolved! STM32H750 FMC + LCD

I’m having some trouble related to using the FMC to interface with a LCD. We are using NE1 as chip select, LCD register select is A0, 16 bits of data.  When I’m scoping the signals, I’m seeing the A0 go high during 16 bit writes to 0x60000000 (comman...

SMoon.2 by Associate III
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H7 series FMC question

Hi, I am using STM32H725 with the FMC interface and trying to clarify some issues.The initial issue was seeing extra writes/reads on the bus - this seemed to be fixed by switching the banks to use the 0xC...0 address range or configuring the original...

OHaza.1 by Associate III
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Hi guys,i would like to ask you about accessing FMC bank2. Currently i have connected SRAM to bank1 and LCD to bank2 but i cannot access bank2. Also i cannot find location of bank2 in memory map in reference manual. Currently it looks like bank2 is n...

Eiffel by Associate II
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