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typo/unclear in stm32f411's datasheet

Hi community,after searching quite a long time for a bug on my board I found it. It was due to an unclear phrasing of the stm32f411's datasheet in table8/p39: for the QFP64 package pin 13 is not only vref but also VDDA.It would be much clearer to wri...

ak by Associate
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Incorrect address of TIM1 in STM32NUCLEOF302R8

Recently while using the TIM1 feature in NUCLEOF302R8(DOCUMENT NUMBER:DS9896), I've found that the address was wrong in the datasheet but the address of TIM1 in SFR is correct when I tried the address in SFR's It worked.   I'll list the findings that...

SFR TIM1.png TIM1 addr_pages-to-jpg-0001.png

Resolved! hsi_ck should be hsi_ker_ck in the reference manual (0481)

In RM 0481 (STM32H563/H573) Rev 1, on page 444, Figure 48. Clock tree, HSI RC 64 MHz output is written as HSI (hsi_ck), whereas LSI and HSI48 outputs are named as lsi_ker_ck and hsi48_ker_ck. Since there is also a HSIDIV, and it is documented correct...

mete by Senior
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Resolved! what/where is USB tSTARTUP of STM32H563 ?

The ref manual (RM0481 page 2585) says: "This circuit has a defined startup time (tSTARTUP specified in the datasheet) during which the behavior of the USB transceiver is not defined.". I searched for USB and tSTARTUP but could not find anything in t...

mete by Senior
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Resolved! STM32H5 Need bootloader pins

As per errors in AN2606 and this thread I need the correct pins that STM32H563/STM32H573 use for USART1/2/3 and FD-CAN bo...

MBC by Associate III
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