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Resolved! STM32H5 Need bootloader pins

As per errors in AN2606 and this thread I need the correct pins that STM32H563/STM32H573 use for USART1/2/3 and FD-CAN bo...

MBC by Associate III
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Resolved! Typos in AN2606

 Pages 249 and 254Also, the flowchart on 254 does not show USART anywhere. 

MBC by Associate III
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application note and data sheets

In the installed STM32Cube Repository there are hundreds of application notes and data sheets, does anybody know where there is a list of contents?  It would take a long time to open them all to check or get the right grep phrase to search.

billium by Associate
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Resolved! AN2606 missing STM32G4A1 series

I'm trying to configure the Bootloader for a STM32G4A1KE processor, but in the AN2606  I cannot find any information regarding this processor (family STM32G41). Although it is listed in the introduction section of AN2606, no further information is gi...

Example script/program for I2C bootloader commands

Hi, I'm using a STM32G07x1 that will need to receive firmware updates from an embedded Linux CPU. The only connection between these devices is an I2C bus so I plan to use the ROM I2C bootloader to handle updates.I am aware of AN4221 that describes ho...

Resolved! STM32C031 pin PF3

Hi, I was reading the document "DS13867 Rev 3" (datasheet for STM32C031x4/x6) (, and while searching about pin PF3, I found this strange information saying that it is a "Supply" pin type. I've ...

Hagi by Associate II
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Flash wait states meaning

Hi i have a generic doubt about falsh wait states:Say we configured the PLL to run system core clock at 160 M Hz, with flash wait states as 5.Then is cpu is equvilent to 32 MHZ core performance? (assuming 1 clk/ 1 inst, no ART's)Could some one help m...

RKall.1 by Associate II
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