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How to use correct clk in proteus?

I am simulating stm32f103c6 in proteus,I want to do timer2 interrupt ,I set pre = 7200-1,psc = 10000-1,so 1s to timer2 update interrupt.But time is not correct,it does not work.I look up information,it is said I need to change stm32 clk to 8MHz,not...

Ethan1 by Associate II
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Increase Rx FIFO0 and FIFO1

Hi,I'm using the FDCAN2 of the STM32G474VET6 for a project and I need to reshape the RAM Message memory in order to adapt it to the FDCAN Classic.Actually the configuration of the RAM Message, by default, is written for FDCAN. So I have the following...

MAmem.1 by Associate III
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STM32 CANopen CAN Festival

Hello, I need to find a free CANopen stack. I have found CAN festival, but I can not figure out how to configure it for STM32. I would appreciate any help. Also, please advise on any other free CANopen stack for STM32.Thank you and best regards,Vouri...

VYoun by Associate III
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Resolved! How can i write on flash on STM32 MCU family?

I'm totally new on stm32 mcu's. i was working on a project and i want to update the MCU(The previous MCU was AVR) and i want to encode and decode base64 using Stm32CubeIDE(HAL Driver), so i decide to port my arduino library. The library is attached, ...

MNoro.2 by Associate II
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