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HelloMT48LC4M16A2 is avilable with STM32H735IGT6?I wonder how can I connect pins between two chips?MCU doesn't have pins about MT48LC4M16A2's DQML, DQMH, BA[1:0] etc. 
Hello,I'm trying to connect SDRAM to STM32 for the first time and I'm having trouble understanding the specs.In the datasheet, it seems the FMC peripheral can not support 32bit memory. Is it right? and could you recommend 64Mbit SDRAM for STM32H735IG...
Using STM32H735, Can I play any video clip?TouchGFX has video clip play example for STM32H735-DK EVB.But It is not working.
HelloEnvironment : [STM32H735 custom bd | TouchGFX | hyperRAM | NOR Flash | 7in 1024x600 LVDS LCD panel | GT911 TS]When refresh framebuffer, screen is glitch such like attached video clip.Please let me help... 
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