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hi,i am using STM32H743BIT6 and SRAM IS62WV51216EBLL-55TLI.i want to calculate the SRAM turn around delay or TAT (Turn Around Time)?
hi,i am using a ECS-.327-9-34QCS-TR with a 1.5pF caps on a STM32H743BIT6.I want to know the exact method to calculate the right value for the oscillator caps.because my RTC is off by 5mSec.
Hi,I am using a STM32H743BIT6., I am trying to access two SDRAM  part-number(IS42S16320D-7TL)problem:both the DRAMS are wring the same data at the same time, so instead of having access to a 32 bit i am getting access to 16bithelp will be apricatedTh...
it passes the 16bit test but fails the 32 bit testwhen i check a good board the D1 signal is high not fluctuating.any advice?  
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