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Role of syscalls.c

What is the role of syscalls.c file in GNU ARM(STM32 for instance) based projects? I found 2 ways of successfully building the project1. Delete syscalls.c and include -specs=nosys.specs in the linker flags2. Simply include syscalls.cWhat is the funda...

stm32u575 adc differential mode

Dear Sir.I need the output of the ADC to be signed .the adc is configured . /** Common adc1 configuration */  hadc->Init.ClockPrescaler      = ADC_CLOCK_ASYNC_DIV1;  hadc->Init.Resolution        = ADC_RESOLUTION_14B;  hadc->Init.DataAlign        = AD...

Nucleo-F446RE CAN bus RX interrupt

I cannot get the CAN bus CAN1_RX0 interrupt to fire. I have two other development boards (STM32429i-EVAL1 and STM32373C-eval) that both work correctly. I am using the same code in each setup thru the ST MX and IDE. The Eval boards have built in C...

FJB2069 by Associate II
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using SPI, do we need to control the pins?

I'm trying to set up the SPI5 for a test but see a lot of references online indicating the pins modes need to also be set. I figured the driver would do that. The init seem pretty straight forward. but the transmit does not. Do I need to set my pin m...

ulao by Associate III
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Resolved! Uneven/increasing/decreasing elapsed time by stm32 timer

Hello everyone,I am working with the board STM32F446RE with SX1261 on mbed os.SITUATION: I want to measure the time difference between the send moment and the receive moment of a packet (transmitted by LoRa). Basically, when I send packet A (send tim...

HNguy.25 by Associate III
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Hardfault exception on Cortex M0

The hardfault exception often occurs during system operation.​The R14(LR) is 0xFFFFFFF9 in the exception handler(bit2 = 0).So the main stack(MSP) is used, and that value is 0x20003778 like the follwing picture.The following picture is the memory valu...

0693W00000WJqZ9QAL.png 0693W00000WJqbKQAT.png
Kim.Andy by Associate III
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