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input capture mode timer interrupt

hello everyonehow can I generate an event when timer operates in input capture mode the counter value goes above the ARR register value? in my special case I load ARR value to 10000 and CNT register goes ablove ARR value and dosent generate an interr...

Msade.1 by Associate
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Can STM32 chips use any pin?

Coming from AVR this is not possible, I do see some peripherals can use multiple pins. Working with the STM32H7 specifically here. A colleague of mine said he was under the impression ST chips can use any pin ( or a number of pins ) for say one of th...

ulao by Associate III
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Resolved! Can't flash STM32F411RE from macOS

Hi,i am using macOS to flash an STM32F411RE.It is recognized, the mass storage shows up, but whenever i try to flash it using ArduinoIDE, it exits with code 3: STM32F411RE not found.Does anyone know how to fix this?Thanks in advance.

JNied.2 by Associate
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Issue to use PC13 as output on RTC wakeup timer

hello all, I want to write a code to test the possibility to use PC13 as output to activate a regulator when the micro is in Vbat mode.. I'm using a the manual, in Vbat mode, RTC_OUT still available for Alarm ou wakeup, in cube...

Seth1er by Associate II
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H7 ADC Gapping - Voids in the digital output

Hardware: H750 Revision VPeripheral in Question: ADC 1 and 3Capture rate: 860HzADC Kernel Clock: 2MhzChannels Converted: 5ADC Conversion overlap: NOTransfer Protocol: DMAADC Conversion Trigger: TIMWe are using ADC 1 and 3 to capture analog pressure s...

0693W00000WJuqEQAT.jpg 0693W00000WJuq9QAD.jpg 0693W00000WJG9yQAH.jpg 0693W00000WJG9jQAH.jpg
PWalt.2 by Associate II
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