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Resolved! What is 'digbypass clock source'?

Hi,I started a design with STM32U5 series MCU. In the STM32CubeX's HSE settings, there is a new option "DIGBYPASS Clock Source'. What's the differences with the old 'bypass clock source'?Thanks.

diverger by Associate III
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Over Current on STM32 board

Dear Friends,I've faced an issue with multiple STM32 boards. Despite powering them via a USB cable from my PC, three boards have suffered damage due to overcurrent. Specifically, the overcurrent LED begins blinking before burning out. Any thoughts on...


Hı everyoneI was trying to send the data to termite terminal. The data variables are coming from DS1307 (RTC Module) and BH1750 (Lux) sensor. However, The data coming from lux sensor is zero in termite. Rtc module variable is okey. Lux sensor variabl...

Resolved! Please help me determine the ADC sampling frequency

Hello,I would like to determine the ADC sampling frequency.I am initializing the ADC with following: hadc1.Instance = ADC1;hadc1.Init.ClockPrescaler = ADC_CLOCK_SYNC_PCLK_DIV4;hadc1.Init.Resolution = ADC_RESOLUTION_12B;hadc1.Init.ScanConvMode = ADC_S...

mravenca by Associate II
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Resolved! need guidance for custom hardware design

hi st-community,as i'm newbie embd engr.,i have limited knowledge of using to select mcu or mpu in stelectronics or please suggest me for custom hardware making using i have basic understanding of st-world..from past 5 month.I have t...

Choosing clock source for ADC

Hi There,I am using STM32C031C6 evaluation board. I am using ADC_IN1 for the ADC measurement. I want to use internal clock source for my board. I want a stable ADC output. 1. Which internal clock source should I choose for the stable ADC output?a) HS...