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HiI successfully got the USB DFU bootlader working in 2 hours.This one: i would like to add some encryption to it with a time budget of couple of hours.I am already using python for USB DFU update.What i...
Hi I was looking at how a register read works for LSM6DSL found the function below. Does the number/amount of __asm("dsb\n") correspond to SPI clk?Is there no easier way to do this? Like using ...
hiwere would i find a recent webinar on how to use X-CUBE-MEMS1? I am interested in Lsm6DSL.Thx
HiI am updating a PCB comprised of LSM6DSL, LSM303AGR and STM32F4 for a customer. I wonder if these 2 sensors are still the latest and greatest? Or should I better switch to some thing newer?Thx 
HiI successfully got USB DFU bootloader running based on this video.But one question: why is FLASH_PROGRAM_TIME 50 ms?How is this value dervied? What is the minimum possible value?Thx.
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