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I want to write a program for the STM32F303VC board that uses SPI interface to make a comunication between the MCU and the L3GD20 gyroscope and read the values of the 3 axis.

The results are always the same: x=-6.145, y=-6.149, z=-6.149 , even if I move my board. What's wrong?#include <stm32f30x.h>void GPIO_Config();void SPI_Config();uint8_t L3GD20_Read(uint8_t reg);void L3GD20_Write(uint8_t reg, uint8_t data);void L3GD20...

FPalo.1 by Associate II
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Problems with folder .c and .h configuration

Hello everybody,I'm a newbie in stm32 IDE. I come from microchip 8bit PIC world For a small personal project I would like to use a SIM800 GSM module with an order to make my code clear I would have liked to break it down into several par...

JJoao.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Analog Watchdog to trigger on offset adc value

I am applying 4 offset to 4 adc channels and calculating the analog watchdog high threshold based on a threshold above the highest adc channel. The purpose of the adc offsets is to equalize the channels readings, such that the adc watchdog high thres...

KLW by Associate
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How to use SWV logging without SWO pin?

Hi all,I have custom hardware in the G4 series (491RE) and want to log some data. I don't have any communication method accessible now. Only I can access SWDCLK and SWDIO pins. SWO pin used for another purpose. is there any method where I can get SW...

Roshan by Associate III
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