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STM32U575: is it possible to disable blocking the read and write accesses to the backup registers, backup SRAM and SRAM2 when the tamper flag is set? To use tamper input for information and not security purpose.

According to RM: "In the NOERASE configuration (TAMPxNOER=1 in the TAMP_CR2 register, ITAMPxNOER=1 in the TAMP_CR3 register), the backup registers and other device secrets are not erased when the corresponding tamper event is detected. In addition, t...

DMA request generation from Software STM32H750

I'm attempting to optimize the amount of instructions/time it takes to move data from CPU to GPIO. When doing ODR = X, I lose about 40ns, closer to 80 because I need to use 2 ODR writes to different ports and in general ODR output seems to sit at abo...

VN.2 by Associate III
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STM32L4 ADC Oversampling period

I am planning to use STM32L4 hardware oversampling by a factor of 2. With the current setup (without oversampling), I am triggering ADC capture and conversion using Timer update event. The timer update event is generated at 10kHz and so the ADC is s...

KK.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L432 Nucleo-32 External Power

Posted on November 30, 2017 at 21:45I have developed a program that runs on the STM32L432 Nucleo-32. When I write the program to the demo board using the USB everything works great. When I remove the USB cable and connect 5V/GND to the board, L2 goe...

Problematic 'L071 TIM3_OR3 bitfield description

This description is copy/paste from the description for 'L073/'L072 and the only relevant setting value was simply deleted - in the 'L071, there is no HSI48. In this way, this description makes no sense.That deciding to have separate RMs for the thre...


Resolved! Cycle Counter vs SLEEP - code correct?

Heyho,I was just trying to check awake vs sleep in my H723 application (no OS), so I wanted to make sure that my code is okay.It's using the cycle counter to measure all the cycles when the CPU is NOT sleeping, then compares the cycle sum to the SysT...

LCE by Principal
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STM32 DFSDM, cannot get the right resolution

Hello STM32-Community,I'm currently working witha PDM Microphone (SPH0641) and try to get it to work via DFSDM. I'm using the DFSDM tutorial vom STM32 to achieve the resolution required for my system.Currently I'm using:Filter Order : 3Fil...

NW.2 by Associate II
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STM32H723 DFSDM Inject Mode

Hello ST Community​I encountered many problems when using DFSDM peripherals,Especially the trigger problem of injection mode​The STM32Cube H7 package which providing DFSDM example,Only refer a applicableation About Audio​Can the ST official provide t...

GWenJ.1 by Associate II
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