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Ethernet configuration issue

Associate III

HI STM team,

I am using NUCLEO-F439ZI BOARD. I am new to this board. According to the basic configuration the ETH selection shows the warning symbol, reference based on the internet example, the ethernet configuration it does not show the PHY Address option. while I choose RMII mode. The portB _PIN0 select as GPIO output, but that same pin is used for ETH_RXD2, this selection makes the warning symbol. when I bye-pass warning and use the program for pinging it shows the connection failure and timeout error message. The below code is used to ping the Ethernet connection.

extern struct netif gnetif;


while (1) {




The problem screen shot was attached below.   


the LWIP setting also attached below



notify the mistake done by me, if any example to learn this one, send the link/example code.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Try to build this example (for a compatible STM32 Nucleo):

Do not change anything until you get ping working.

Then compare your cube-generated project against that and find why it isn't working. 

Associate III

HI Pavel,

Hope you are doing good, thank you for your reply, I found the mistake What I done, due to mismatch of ETHERNET IP, its shows that error, after I am changing the IP address for both server and client, I works fine, and ping also done good. After that I develop 3 basic example code and done it. once again Thank you for your reply and the example program for reference.