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stm32h747-Disco uart8 sending trouble

I'm use uart8 to send data to arduino, but arduino no receive nothing, all the program is right complier,and the D1/D0 should be right(only have uart8).

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wjian.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Question about SPI2 using PC_2 and PC_3

My project (Stm32H753) has 2 identical external ADCs, one on SPI2 and one on SPI3. The one on SPI3 is working fine, but I am having problems with SPI2. The code for them are the same, except of course different 'hspi' and pin assignments.The SPI is c...

XLin.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem with 24LC64 EEPROM

Hi,I have a problem with an 24LC64 EEPROM, it is not a bad chip because i have tried 2 on diffrent boards. I am using the STM32G0B0  This are my I2C settings:I am using this libary : only get 255 ba...


Resolved! stm_h747disco uart

If i use the serial interface USART1 HAL_UART_Transmit()( is directly available as a Virtual COM port of a PC connected to STLINK-V3E USB connector CN2) could show in com9 in pc, but uart8(D0/D1) in com9 didn't show anything, This result should be ri...

wjian.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157 Dual ADC Data by DMA

Hi all,I trigger the ADC through TIM 2(1HZ/s) and set the ADC to Dual Mode. ADC1 & 2 each have 5 channels. multimode.Mode = ADC_DUALMODE_REGSIMULT; multimode.DualModeData = ADC_DUALMODEDATAFORMAT_32_10_BITS; multimode.TwoSamplingDelay = ADC_TWOS...

User code crashing Cube IDE debugger

I posted details here maybe somebody here may recognise it.The new forum software here doesn't like URLs to certain other sites so I hope thi...

PHolt.1 by Senior II
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STM32 FDCAN Send CAN messages without ACK

Good morning:I'm working with the STM32G431KB on my own board. In the project we send messages thanks to the FDCAN HAL module driver layer for wakeup other ECU by expecific CAN messages. Situation:I am working using Polling mode for FDCAN: hfdcan1.I...

Can't use FDCAN alongside TouchGFX

Using an STM32H750B discovery board, I'm trying to set up FDCAN. However when I activate either FDCAN1 or 2, the clock configuration needs to be adjusted, as by default, the FDCAN receives 200MHz, but van only accept up to 100. If I run the automatic...

Fixr by Associate
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How to make use of Vbus Sensing for USB device?

We are using USB_OTG_FS in Device mode in STM32U575 series. In our application, we enable the USB peripheral on external GPIO pin rising event & disable the USB peripheral on external GPIO pin falling event. Need to know how to make use of Vbus Sensi...

sn1 by Associate
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