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GPIO as Input locks-up

Wondering if anyone has ever experienced this. I have several inputs I'm looking at. I poll them every 10mS. 99% of the time everything works, but sometimes the an input on PORTE will not read the correct logic. It locks at logic 1. If I look ...

Timer triggered simultaneous ADC conversion

I want to capture data from both ADC1 & ADC3 simultaneously, both have differential inputs. I want to trigger both conversions by Timer1, and collect data from both simultaneously when conversion is complete. My example is triggering data collection ...

TSC and quadrature encoding in MCU Finder

Hello,I'm trying to have a list of MCU with TSC (touch sensing) and Timer comparator with quadrature encoding features but it looks like these are not listed in MCU finder or CubeMX.Is there a way to have this filtering?Thanks in advance,Filippo

FCamp.1 by Associate III
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I2C passiv Mode possible?

Hi,I try to sniff a I2C communication between multiple devices with my STM32G473.The controller should only listen passiv. Is this possible?For sure, I can always set the NACK-Bit to prevent sending an ACK and disable the Clock-stretching.And I can u...

Moritz1 by Associate III
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Serial Numbers at production

Hi,im looking for some advice for using serial numbers at production. Its for a STM32H747 and we don't have NFC or BLis it normal practice to use your own serial numbers or use the MCU built in one?if using your own, at production whats a good way to...

justin11 by Associate III
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UART LOOP using registers

Hi ! This is me again !I am able to send and receive separately but when try to do the loop, it doesnt work. What I am basically doing is when the full reception interrupt is set, I enable the transmission and as soon as the transmission is done, I d...

LimoGr by Associate II
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