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CAN Wakeup

HelloI am trying to implement CAN Wakeup functionality. I have used MCP2562 Transceiver. I understand MCU will PU the stdby pin of Transceiver before going to sleep. By Pulling Up stdby pin, Transceiver will be in low power state and can still send s...

Nico3 by Senior
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Resolved! How to adjust Compare Value in HRTIM Basic PWM

Hello,currently I am using the NUCLEO-G474RE and the goal is to output a PWM signal simulating a sinewave. Therefore the duty cycle must continuously be adjusted.My issue is that I seemingly cannot do so.The Timer is configured as Timer D, TD1 output...

Matt1234 by Associate II
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Modifying linker to keep all ram after soft reset

Hi, everyone. I am using stm32l496 and I my application requires me to keep all data in ram after reset. Now i followed these instructions in this link. it works, like I expected but the thing is I wa...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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Making an STM32 last at 150°C?

Are there any guides or tips on making an STM32 MCU last in a high temperature (~150°C) environment? Specific voltage or clock speed tweaks?The MCU would sleep most of the time, but now and then take and store some measurements.Would certain families...

StefanH by Associate III
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HAL Library for Medical device EN62304

Hello Everyone I dont know if its the correct place to ask . We design a medical device where EN62304 calss C is applied . the standart says if we use an 3rd party software ( any library ) should be designed to use for medical devices. What about HAL...

Hector_06 by Associate III
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