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What to do with unused opamp pins

We want to use the STM32U585QII6Q for a new design, and I want to know what I need to do with the dedicated OPAMP VINM pins on this package. We don't want to use the OPAMPs. Do I leave these dedicated pins floating or should I connect them to GND?I c...

Resolved! STM32F429I-DISC1 debug issue

Hi.I was in the middle of a debug session in a simple application for the STM32F429I-DISC1 in Keil uVision. I disconnected my board from the computer without ending the debugging session. When I reconnected my board, it wasn't detected anymore and it...

jacobvdz by Associate
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Resolved! How to trigger IRQ on overflow only?

I am trying to configure TIM3 to reset on incoming PWM pulses and call IRQ on overflow, when pulses not coming. The prescaler and ARR are set for 150% of the PWM period. TIM3 in slave reset mode on trigger from CH2 input. MCU is STM32G051F8P.For some...

maple by Associate II
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STM32U5[Ax] Usb Host Multi-Packet Data Toggling

Hi all, I am not able to fully understand how the DATA0/DATA1 toggling works when performing multi-packets transmissions. For "multi-packet" transmission I mean that the "num_packets" in USB_OTG_HCTSIZ_PKTCNT register is greater than 1, (i.e. I want ...

bluluiss by Associate
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Pristine STM32L431 PA6 turned to hard output

When switching on a new, unprogrammed STM32L431, PA6 turns hard to output high.This is SPI1 MOSI.AN2606 should say this out aloud.I know the 'G0 have this too, and AN2606 says this for them, although quite quietly and confusingly in a footnote.There ...

STM32H723VET6 Ethernet doesnt work

As the subject states I am trying to get Ethernet work on the VET6 Microcontroller. I have tried to configure my microcontroller like the Ethernet example project provided on Github for the STM32H723GT. I have tried the exact code on the H723GT Nucle...

EH by Associate
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Resolved! Automatically entering and exiting bootloader

Is there a way to make STM32Cube Programmer controls a pair of pins in a CH340 or similar USB to TTL converter, to be able to control BOOT0 and NRST pins of an StM32 micro? I would like to make  a simple circuit that permits entering and exiting a bo...

Castelo by Associate II
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STM32H7A3 I2C_CR1 bit NOSTRETCH settings

Currently try to configurate settings for register I2C_CRI. Not sure which value should I set for bit NOSTRETCH. I am using I2C as master. This bit only effected when using I2C as slave. But in manual mention must kept cleared in master mode.  Meanin...

NRAML.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! High current draw Vbat Bluepill

Hi,This is the first time I am starting a post, sorry in advance if it's not in the correct place.I have a Blue-Pill with original STM32F103C8T6. I have Vbat hooked up to a 0.33 F super cap via 100 ohm. Vdd is connected to V bat with a BAT54C Schottk...

NLHL by Associate
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