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I spent many hours trying to make the SPI3 works through the use of the HAL but it was doing weird things (not clearing IRQ flag so ISR was continuously called).Then I found that SPI3 is limited to a size of 1023.I also found on this forum other peop...
In the STM32 ODE Function Packs page, the links to networking and security return an 404 error.
In some page, the "." is used as thousands separator, in other page the "." is used as decimal separator.For an english documentation that is dealing with software, I'm expecting that the "." is always a decimal separator.A space can be used for the ...
In the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB v4.1.0, the documentation say that cmox_cipher_decrypt() accept the CMOX_AESFAST_CFB_DEC_ALGO as algo. But CMOX_AESFAST_CFB_DEC_ALGO is not defined, instead there is a CMOX_AESFAST_CFB_DEC_ALG in cmox_cfb.h.
In the first page of AN4777, the RM0411 is listed as the reference document for STM32L4x6. There is no link to the document and i am unable to found it. Also in STM32L4x6 page, the reference manual is named RM0351 instead of RM0411.
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