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What would cause my MCU to be held in reset?

I have a STM32F756 on my PCB. The microcontroller was responding with no problems, has been programmed and software running on it. It was put to the side for a few days, and when picked up again, the micro has become unresponsive and the SEGGER JLink...

HLove by Associate II
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CubeMX / UART transmit DMA question

I am using an STM32L476VG which does not have UART transmit/receive fifo's.Therefor I am using DMA for periodic transmission of some data (3 bytes at 125kbit at about 2kHz).This is all configured in CubeMX and functioning (DMA in normal mode btw).I a...

sanne by Associate
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F401RET6 - unstable at 84MHz, works fine with 48MHz

Hi,I am trying to setup clock from HSE on a F401RET6, when I setup 48MHz it works fine, but when I try 84Mhz after few steps when clock is set the CPU makes werid things (the PC counter stops increment or goes to a strange value).I am using libopencm...

MSchy by Associate
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searching tutorial for STM32F091C-Eval.

Hi I bought the STM32F091C-Eval board to practice for µC programming. But it seems i have never programmed anx µC and I am looking now for step for step µC programming for the STM32F091C-Eval. I downlaod the STMCube and ARM MDK for the programming an...

SAbis by Associate III
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where could I find any tutorial for STM32091C-EVAL/03-0?

Hi,I just buy this eval Board and I am new in the world of MCU-Programming. For the board i bought they were not any document about how to use it. I install the MDK 5 ARM and wish to go stepwise through configuration and programming of the board.Any ...

SAbis by Associate III
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Regarding STM32F407 FSMC timing

​In my own system, a SRAM is interfaced to FSMC of STM32F407 asychrously.My settings are as follows:HSE clock: 25MHzCoreclock: 168MHzAHC clock: 168MHz for FSMCAddress setup: 1Address hold: 1Data setup: 1Bus turn: 0And my IDE is TrueStudio.In above co...