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GPDMA with ADC with multiple channels

Hi,I am trying to setup GPDMA with ADC with multiple channels on the Nucleo-H563ZI. The DMA should fill a buffer of the length of number of channels in a circular fashion, such that one entry in the buffer array always contains data of the same ADC c...

JuliaK by Associate II
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Resolved! FreeRTOS xTaskGetTickCount() erroneously skips ahead

xTaskGetTickCount() erroneously skips ahead after every 65536 ticks. So when calculating timing using values returned by xTaskGetTickCount(), there are problems! vTaskDelay() has no problems. The problem is with xTaskGetTickCount()... For example:Cod...

asvatik by Associate
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Boot in dualcore micro

Hello everyone,I'm seeking guidance on creating a custom dual-core boot using only an external flash.Previously, I managed to accomplish this for a single-core microcontroller, with the bootloader residing in the internal flash while other code (main...

Resolved! FreeRTOS STM32H743ZI FPU Assembler Error

Hi there,I’m trying to compile a project using the STM32H743ZI2 Nucleo board with STM32CUBE Framework with FreeRTOS with PlatformIO.The project can be found here:Zafeer_FreeRTOSFromGroundUp/PlatformIO/17_WorkingWithQueueSets at main · ZafeerAbbasi/Za...

Resolved! Nucleo-H745ZI - USART via ST-LINK

Using a Nucleo-H745ZI, board revision D-01.According to rev. 5 of UM2408 "User Manual STM32H7 Nucleo-144 boards (MB1363)"USART3 is available via ST_Link. Table 12 lists the config for the virtual com port as the default configHowever, my board had SB...

MEde.1 by Associate III
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Timer in one pulse mode

HiI have a trigger ( the pink trace) who triggers one delay of 200µs with the help of the timer 3 ( a channel toggles each event, the red trace) . A IT is also generated . Another channel of this timer 3 is used to trigger a one pulse mode pwm with a...

MichelM38 by Associate III
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Undefined reference error.

Hi, I have converted an CubeIDE project to CPP so I can get a GLCD library working, the Adafruit GFX library, for my STM32F407-Discovery board. This required I rename some files from .C to .CPP. It all worked fine. Now I want to get the CAN interface...

kvresto by Senior
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