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Resolved! Short question regarding the contact drillings

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Could you communicate in a short way the size of the contact drill-holes (stm32f411 - CEU) ?The diameter in AWG size would be enough.We also are interested in further documentation-links regarding it. In student wor...

timbo2023 by Associate III
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How does FDCAN time stamping work exactly on the STM32H7 ?

The FDCAN module generates timestamps for sent and received messages, and you can configure it to use TIM3 as the source. Unfortunately, the documentation is rather thin, so I am left with a few questions:Do TIM3 and FDCAN need to run from the same c...

K M by Associate II
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STM32L412 Standby+RTC battery current use

Hi all, The STM32L412xx and RM0394 are quite clear about current use of the micro when in standby mode with LSI-RTC.One thing the docs are not so clear about is the effect of having combined VBATT and VDD pins on the low pin-count packages. With thes...

mwp by Senior
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STM32412CG UFQFPN48 MCO2 unexpected power consumption

The STM32F412 chips have 2 MCO pins:The MCO2 pin can have 4 different source clocks:I've noticed that when I change the source from a default one (SYSCLK) to PLLI2S (PLLI2S not enabled) or HSE (not connected), the power consumption is reduced ~0,5mW....

dawidn_1-1703147341553.png dawidn_2-1703148081560.png dawidn_3-1703148251704.png
dawidn by Associate
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STM32F412RGT6 adc problem

Hello all,i am facing a problem while wokring with adc on stm32f412rgt6. i am facing problem of adc accuracy i am using 5 analog channel (ADC1_AN1, ADC1_AN10, ADC1_AN11, ADC_AN12, ADC_AN13) in discontinous mode.when i am connecting analog input pin t...

sanju by Senior
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Resolved! IBIS model STM32H5

I'm using STM32H573IIK6TR and I download its IBIS simulation model from [stm32h562_563_573_ufbga201.ibs]There are a lot of pin model, but i cannot understand what is the correlaction between the datasheet and ibis model. For example: I'm using...

Resolved! sdmmc STM32U5 FatFs 4 bits exFat not working

Hello,I'm trying to set up a micro sd on a nucleo-u575ZI through the sddmc1 with a port of FatFs.I am using a PmodMicroSD all wired up for 4 bits and the card detect on a GPIO.I am testing 3 sd card 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.I have confirmed that all 3 are...

Resolved! STM32H7 + LAN8742: both ETH leds blink every 2 seconds

Hello, I am working with a STM32H743 with RTOS and LWIP, using LAN8742 as PHY. I have developed a custom board with this setup and it has been working very well.Now, after almost an year, the new production lot does not work anymore: when the firmwar...

ValerioF by Associate II
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