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STM32F0 ADC error

I have an ADC issue with the STM32F0. Looked all through the HAL docs and not sure what the error is. I can't get the ADC to complete a conversion or if it does only the first call. When I debug with the ADC calibration call, it goes to a fault. When...

brian-o by Associate
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Resolved! firmware relocation fail due to DMA enable

Hi,   I have a firmware runing on STM32F405RGT6 whith is reloacted at 0x800C000 and is called by a bootloader. The problem is if I enable UART DMA, the program will be interrupted by non stopping DMA interrupt immediately. However, there is no stream...

MHo.15 by Associate III
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RTC Alarm interrupt skipped sometimes

Hi all!uC: STM32L433VCTCubeMX, CubeIDE, CubeProgrammerI've configured my RTC to set an alarm every minute. When an alarm occurs, the next alarm gets set and so on.About once to twice a day, the rtc alarm is skipped, so there's a continous error, beca...

Resolved! Unable to connect STM32H725 custom board

Hello Experts, I designed my custom board with reference to AN5419 application note (Getting started with STM32H723/733, STM32H725/735 and STM32H730 Value Line hardware development). but it doesn't work.When i apply to power to the board and connect ...

sangh by Associate II
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