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USB PD DRP does not work

Dear All,I'm trying to integrate USB PD DRP into my code.The DRP does not seems to work. I traced the port interrupts down to the PORTx_IRQHandler and here are the results (USB_PD_Int = Status Register, the time is in ms from the start of the FW):Tim...

Rise by Associate II
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Resolved! Need IDE and Debugger suggestions for STM32L412RB

Hi we're using STM32L412RB controller for our development wanted to know what are preferable IDE that can be used for the software development for the purchased controller.(They've suggested us for Eclipse wanted to make sure is it okay to use eclips...

Resolved! Autosar with stm3210e-eval

I have stm3210e-eval board and I would like to know if it supports Autosar and can explore available resources or libraries that can facilitate the integration of Autosar standards into my project

STM32h7 problem with SDMMC Initialization

Hello,I'm using an STM32h753i-eval2 board and trying to access an SD card through the SDMMC peripheral.I have my RCC set on Master Clock Output 1.I has the SDMMC external transceiver present set to no.System clock mux is set to HSIPLL Source is HSIUs...

TLuke.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7

STM32H7A3ZIT6QI have a firmware that receives data via UART and responds accordingly at an external side, using a Timer interrupt. When the JTAG is connected, the program works as expected, with all commands being responded to. However, when the JTAG...

khkim by Associate
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Boot To App Jump Not Working

I am trying to implement a bootloader using STM32 F103 processor.  I have not used an Arm processor before, but I have read the various articles and posts, and I think I’m doing the jump-to-app as described.  But as soon as I execute the jump, the ne...

RHJ by Associate II
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I2C transmission problems

I am trying to communicate with a PIC microcontroller using the I2C interface using a STM32F103. I have a recurring problem: everything is fine until I run this function:static HAL_StatusTypeDef I2C_WaitOnMasterAddressFlagUntilTimeout(I2C_HandleTypeD...