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could someone explain how this chip works this function table is so confusing to me 
hello im struggling to find how to get font on the lcd screen with some generated font c arrays i have found could anyone please explain how these font tables work and how to draw the characters on the lcd itself ive wrote a pretty basic driver that ...
ok so when i debug and step through my code the hse ready bit in the rcc-cr register sets to one but when i run it it hangs at my while loop waiting for it to set why does this happen 
as with the stlink mods your limited to a 5v out at 200ma and if the usb was broke out i could use a usb c connector on a pcb and have alot more voltage options
im using pc8 as a reset pin and ive check it with a logic analyzer and wen its initalized it drops low then goes back to high before im calling my function to drop it low btw im using saleae logic 2 void reset_pin_init(void){ //PC8 RCC->AHB1ENR |= ...
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