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Resolved! Cortex M33 fault handlers not being executed

Fault handlers that work on M4 and M7's aren't being executed on an M33.  The Usage Fault I'm creating (via an undefined instruction) appears to be escalated to a Hard Fault.  The Core stops executing instructions before ever reaching a handler.  Is ...

Resolved! Problem of porting LwIP to STM32H573I-DK

Hi Everyone,I'm trying to port LwIP to STM32H573I-DK and has referenced to:1. GitHub - STMicroelectronics/stm32h5-classic-coremw-apps at v1.0.0 2. GitHub - stm32-hotspot/STM32H7-LwIP-Examples: Ethernet examples using LwIP + FreeRTOS for STM32H7 Disco...

About SPI simplex communication.

This question is about SPI simplex communication.Is there any sample code that realizes SPI simplex communication only by register operations?Also, is there any sample code that uses HAL or LL?I would like to know both cases of sending and receiving....

Resolved! Handle Variable Length Transmission over Uart

Hi!I am somewhat unclear on how to handle variable length transmissions using the STM32F4xx HAL. I have looked at other solutions, and suggestions have been made to use HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA() or the ISR equivalent.My situation however, involv...

Resolved! STM32F401 reserving flash sector for config

On STM32F401CCU6I'm trying to reserve these 2sectors for user config in gcc linker script:  Sector - Address ini ~ Address end - Size Sector 0 - 0x0800 0000 ~ 0x0800 3FFF - 16 Kbytes Sector 1 - 0x0800 4000 ~ 0x0800 7FFF - 16 Kbytes RESERVE Sector ...

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What to do with unused opamp pins

We want to use the STM32U585QII6Q for a new design, and I want to know what I need to do with the dedicated OPAMP VINM pins on this package. We don't want to use the OPAMPs. Do I leave these dedicated pins floating or should I connect them to GND?I c...