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Resolved! No activate option of timer in STM32CubeIDE CubeMX

Hello, I am working with "Mastering The STM32" book and faced with one problem: cannot find the option as in the book to activate any timer using CubeMX. I am using STM32 blue pill STM32F103C8T6. Why I can't find the activate option of timers?

Resolved! NUCLEO H743ZI2 MB1364E and MB1364C

Hello, I hope you are doing great.I have two NUCLEO H743ZI2, one of them is MB1364E, and the other one is MB1364C. They are totaly the same but there are little differences and I would like to find them and make them same, since I would like to use t...

Waking up from RTC on a STM32G030

Hi all,I'm struggling for days why my RTC wakeup doesn't work.The program is running FreeRTOS, but I want the uC in Lowpower Sleep for 3 minutes.So I set RTC on 1Hz, counter 180 and internal wakeup.Activated the EXTI RTC interrupt.But it immediately ...

WSpar.1 by Associate III
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Help with FD-CAN filter

Hello,I work with STM32G484, with FDCAN. I want to create filter so only messages with my own CAN_ID will reach HAL_FDCAN_RxFifo0Callback.I started by define the filter:filter.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID;filter.FilterIndex = 0;filter.FilterType = FDCA...

prigo87 by Associate II
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H723 FDCAN1 and FDCAN2

Hi there,I am using two STM32H723ZGT communicating via FDCAN2 instance (FDCAN, no bit rate switch, 12500 bit/s). Both controller use the same FDCAN initialization code, but different filter IDs.As shown below, the message is transfered on receiver CA...

2024-02-13 14_52_36-Logic 2 [Logic - Connected] [Session 0].png
PGrif.2 by Associate III
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about Execute in place using dual quad spi

What I want to do is XIP with DUAL QUAD SPI.The environment is as follows.Use Board : nucleo l4r5ziIDE : Atollic TrueSTUDIO® for STM32, Built on Eclipse Neon.1a.(Version: 9.3.0)FLASH : W25Q64JVThe connection diagram of the board and FLASH is shown be...

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Myasu.1 by Senior
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