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STM32H7A3 DCMI does not capture data.

Hello everyone.I've got a problem running DCMI interface on STM32H7A3 MCU. I'm using NUCLEO-H7A3ZI devboard and OV7670 camera module. Installed the latest CubeIDE and generated code in builtin configurator. Actually I'm using Segger Embedded Studio f...

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STM32H755 I2C RXNE not always set in Master Receive

Hi there,We use the I2C peripheral of the STM32H755ZI MCU. We operate the I2C in master mode and normally everything works perfectly.However, sometimes the SCL line is kept low for bit longer during an I2C read operation, using the HAL function "HAL_...

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PAHA by Associate II
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STM32H563 EDATA Size - Code Generation Issue

Hello,I am using the Cube Code Generator, within the STM32CubeIDE (version 1.13.1) for an STM32H563, and have configured the Flash Data Sectors to use the maximum 8 sectors per bank for EDATA. The valid range for the EDATA sector size is 0 - 7, as sh...


Microcontroller debug unit on STM32H753

Hello, I'm having an issue to use the Microcontroller debug unit (DBGMCU) on STM32H753. I have got IWDG set up and working as expected and would like to have the IWDG frozen during debugging. I have set the DBG_IIWDG1 (bit 18) of register DBGMCU_APB4...

seb536 by Associate
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for an inverter PWM -ADC -feedback -synching

What is the best meathd to of feedback method In sineinverter (like commercial) ?is it good by a forumal appling instead using look up rable .It saves the memoryIf i use look up tableconst unsigned char sin_table[416]={0, 16, 32, 47, 62, 77, 91, 103,...

2 channel PWM with 90 degree phase shift it possible to create such a two channel pwm with any timer?(in output compare mode the falling edge of the first channel overlaps on rising edge of the second channel overlaps, but its not good for my purpose) thanks.

SEMad by Associate III
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Resolved! RTC wakeup interrupts

I'm looking for an example code with STM32G071 device using RTC interrupt to wakeup device from sleep mode based on HAL libraries. Thank you

RCase by Associate II
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