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New possibilities for the ultra-low power segment!

STM32U0 is the first Cortex-M0+ with a static consumption of only 160 nA in standby mode with RTC (Real-Time Clock) and 16 nA in shutdown. It also achieves 118 points in CoreMark and targets SESIP level 3 and PSA level 1 focusing on firmware code pro...


STM32H745 Data share

Hi I'm new to dual core programming. I need to share data from M7 core to M4 core and M4 core to M7 core. Can you please let me know the steps I need to start.?

TWalp.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743ZI2 CAN message receive issue with MCP2551

I have hooked up a STM32H743ZI2 Nucleo board with a CAN tranceiver MCP2551 following the instructions kindly provided by mr. Hudak ( with the exception of replacing the second board with a USB-CAN-modu...

SAmpi.1 by Associate
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Issue with the STM32H735-DK, OSPI Hyperram

Hi, in the example for the OSPI-memorymapped example, the test procedure is as follows..// This is running fine on the DEV board, ( it also works in byte mode fine.) while (1) { /* Intensive Access ---------------------------------------------...

Naldr.1 by Associate
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STM32H735 OCTOSPI2 Hyperram Errors

Using the STM32H735G-DK with on board external memory connected to OCTOSPI2.I'm using the demo code for this board to initialise the OSPI2 interface and to access the on board HyperRAM (S70KL1281DABHI023). The demo code writes 32-bits and reads them...

HSamm.1 by Associate II
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Use of ADC with DMA

Dear community,In a project the microcontroller STM32G4 is used, where three ADCss with DMA are used. On each ADC three channels are configured with 2.5 cycle sampling. The ADCs are triggered with a timer with a frequency of 125kHz.The processed data...

Garm by Associate
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Resolved! Reading images from external flash

Hi, I want to store images in external flash (W25Q32) . I did the linker script modifications. But I couldn't find that what should i do after it. Could you help me?EDIT : I think that I need the external loader.

Ezgi by Senior
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Resolved! OS install error

I just got a stm32L475 Iot Kit.And after compilation, I got this error .st-flash 1.7.0-23-ga9adf9c2021-05-21T22:17:24 INFO common.c: L4xx: 96 KiB SRAM, 1024 KiB flash in at least 2 KiB

KYang.7 by Associate
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