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TIM12 CH2 doesn't generate a PWM...

HiUsing CubeMX on a STM32H7B3I I have generated this initialisation function for the TIM12 CH2/** * @brief TIM12 Initialization Function * @param None * @retval None */static void MX_TIM12_Init(void){ /* USER CODE BEGIN TIM12_Init 0 */ /* USER CODE E...

EGonc.3 by Associate II
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STM32F429I Discovery USART2 communication over USB

I am trying to communicate with my host machine using my F429I board by utilizing the ST-Link on board and USART2, however through cubeMX setups as well as manual register modification I was not able to get my terminal to display messages printed fro...

SAgaz.1 by Associate II
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DMA configuration by MDMA, is it possible?

MDMA presentation reads:(MDMA) "Can be used to prepare data for other DMAs and then set the DMA configuration to start transfers".The first part (prepare data) is clear; however, I cannot figure out how MDMA automatically configures DMA and starts t...

bigfoot by Associate II
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Spi in stm32f303k8

hi,i am using stm32f3 nucleo board in that i am initilization the spi in polling mode but not able to receive and transmit data usin ll driver where as when using hal it working properly

VR.3 by Associate II
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